How Artificial Intelligence Affects Your Job Search, with Nicolle Merrill

Automation is the most prevalent trend in the job application process. It’s highly likely that an Applicant Tracking System will decide whether you even get brought in for an interview. Should we be afraid that the robots are taking over? Not quite, according to today’s guest on Find Your Dream Job, Nicolle Merrill. Nicolle says you need to learn as much as possible about how artificial intelligence affects the modern job search to set yourself up for success. In addition, you should invest time and effort into your online presence, and continue to develop authentic relationships with professional connections. About Our Guest: Nicolle Merrill ( is the founder of Future Skills (, a company that teaches professionals how to advance their skills and stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing working world. She is also the author of the upcoming book, “Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots.” ( Resources in This Episode: Want to know more about the future of work? Explore emerging careers and more at Nicolle’s website: Are you stuck in a mediocre job? Nicolle’s podcast, 50 Conversations (, will help you make the jump into a career you can love. Your presence online is critical in order for employers to find you. Learn how to use your social media to make a favorable impression by enrolling in our free online course, How to Wow and Woo Employers Online (

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