What to Do When You Think You Bombed an Interview, with Pharoah Bolding

When you bomb a job interview, it feels terrible. Don’t get discouraged, it’s possible that it wasn’t entirely your fault. Maybe you expected to speak one-on-one with the hiring manager and you walked into a panel of people asking you questions. Perhaps you were prepared to answer behavioral questions, but instead you received off-the-wall questions you did not anticipate. Find Your Dream Job guest Pharoah Bolding says it’s perfectly fine for you to ask the hiring manager ahead of time what your interview format will be so that you can go into the conversation prepared. Pharoah also shares how to overcome pre-interview anxiety to ensure that you present your best self to the interviewer.  About Our Guest: Pharoah Bolding (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pharoahbolding/) is the human resources coordinator at Reed College (https://www.reed.edu/). He’s worked with everyone from the Portland Trail Blazers to nonprofit and technology employers. Pharoah’s work focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion, mitigating bias, building inclusive work cultures, ethical recruiting, and facilitating professional and personal development trainings and discussions across the city of Portland. Resources in This Episode: If you're local to Portland, check out the Portland Business Alliance Events page to find out where to connect with other young and emerging professionals. (https://business.portlandalliance.com/events/catgid/24/) For more information about Pharoah Bolding, visit his website at pharoahbolding.com.  Nail every behavioral interview question in your next interview by learning how to prepare for them. Download 100 Behavioral Interview Questions You Need to Know (http://www.macslist.org/questions).

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