Everything You Need to Know About Executive Search Firms, with Roy Notowitz

As a vice president or C-level executive, you need to find an executive search firm that understands your industry and your expertise. Even if you are not actively seeking a new  position, a good executive search firm will continue to build their relationship with you and keep you in mind for future opportunities. Finding an executive search firm can be a challenge, says Find Your Dream Job guest Roy Notowitz. You have to do your research up-front, and identify those people in your network with years of experience and many common connections. Most importantly, you have to know what you want and be willing to build relationships over time in order to find your dream job.   About Our Guest: Roy Notowitz (https://www.linkedin.com/in/linktoroy/) is the president of Noto Group (https://www.notogroup.com/), a purpose-driven executive search and consulting firm with expertise in recruiting for Director, VP and C-Level roles. Noto Group's executive search practice spans across business functions and channels within the outdoor, active performance, sporting goods, food and beverage, fashion and natural products industries. Roy started his career as a recruiter for Nike. Resources in This Episode: If you’re an executive who’s ready to connect with a purpose-driven, executive search firm, check out Roy’s firm, Noto Group (https://www.notogroup.com/). To hear more about today’s topics, but from a hiring manager’s point of view, listen to Roy’s new podcast, It Takes Talent (https://www.notogroup.com/podcast/).  Do you find yourself applying for any job that you think you could do? Before you send out your next application, stop chasing every lead and get clear about your own goals. Our free guide, Finding Focus in Your Job Search (http://www.macslist.org/focus), can help.

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