How to Network Online With Strangers, with Stacey Lane

If you’ve exhausted your personal network and run out of known resources, you may need to reach out to people you do not know online for the next step in your job search or career. But what if they don’t answer you? Find Your Dream Job guest Stacey Lane says that you need to make it easy for the other person to say yes. You do this by getting your ask in quickly without sharing too much backstory, not expecting too much of their time, and only sharing minimal context. Stacey also recommends finding someone whose thought leadership you appreciate so that you have common ground from which to initiate a conversation. About Our Guest: Stacey Lane ( is a nationally recognized career coach. She helps people with everything from networking to personal branding. Stacey is known for her candid career guidance. And her advice has appeared in local and national publications. Resources in This Episode: For free templates to help you connect with strangers online, visit Stacey’s website at Your presence online is critical in order for employers to find you. Learn how to use your social media to make a favorable impression by enrolling in our free online course, How to Wow and Woo Employers Online ( From our Sponsor: The City of Portland is one of Oregon’s largest employers, and the organization responsible for keeping the city thriving is currently hiring. Visit to learn more.

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