Ep. 057: Find Your Inner Voice in a Job Interview, with Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Did you just land an interview? Congratulations! Now, it’s time to prepare. The interview stage is the time to show an organization how you will fit into the culture and how you can solve a company’s problems. It is the first time the organization will see you, hear your voice and get an impression, so make it impactful. Guest expert, Caroline Dowd-Higgins, shares her professional tips on how to land your dream job through great interview techniques. Caroline says research before an interview is imperative but it’s something many people fail to do. To prepare, first, print out a copy of the job description, highlight the attributes the company is looking for and write down a compelling story and/or an example of how you embody these points. Using the job description to help the interviewer understand why you are a good fit shows initiative. Storytelling Tips: Practice. If you don’t have a specific skill, find something that is relatable. Start with “I’d like to tell you a story.” Make your stories natural and authentic. Chemistry and culture are a huge part of whether or not an applicant will fit into an organization. Given the amount of time we spend with our work families, it is vital that we not only fit into an organization but fit well. Show your true self during an interview so the hiring manager can get a clear picture of what you will be like at work. Pro Tip - Take a video of yourself practicing for your interview. Use appropriate body language. Remember, a strong voice exudes confidence, eye contact makes a connection, and filler words can be eliminated with a little practice. And, if for any reason you do not feel you were able to share your skills and abilities completely during the course of the interview, use closing remarks to summarize why you are a good fit for the position. Go Get ‘em Tiger! Caroline Dowd-Higgins Bio Caroline Dowd-Higgins is executive director of career and professional development for the Indiana University Alumni Association. She’s the author of the book, This Is Not the Career I Ordered and she has a new book, Thrive! Where You Are, coming out in 2017 . Caroline also hosts the podcast, Your Working Life, and the online video series, Thrive! And she’s a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, Ellevate Women’s Network, The Rouse, and The Chronicle newspaper. Ben’s Job Search Resources: Ben’s resource this week is a post from the Recruitloop blog. It is a list of 75 hypothetical experience-based questions that draw from past experiences in an effort to anticipate future reactions. 75 Behavioural Interview Questions To Select The Best Candidate. What makes this list special is that it is designed for recruiters. Jenna’s Find Your Dream Job Listener Question: Ben, Jenna and Mac respond to Katherine Moore’s question — “How can I persuade my employer to pay for my continuing education?” If you would like the team to answer a job-related question, email it to jenna@macslist.org or call her at 716-JOB-TALK. If we use your question on the air you will receive a copy of our new book, Land Your Dream Job Anywhere (to be published February 1, 2017). Or if you’ve found a job resource you think everyone should know about, send it to ben@macslist.org and tell him how it has helped you find your dream job. Ben and Jenna’s segments are sponsored by the 2016 edition of Hack the Hidden Job Market Course. The course launches November 1st .If you like this show, please help us by rating and reviewing our podcast on iTunes. We appreciate your support! Opening and closing music for Find Your Dream Job provided by Freddy Trujillo, www.freddytrujillo.com.

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