Ep. 046: How to Get a Job You Love, with Scott Barlow

Do you know how to get a job you love? It’s OK if you don’t. Most people do not believe it is even possible. A traditional job search includes scouring job postings and identifying with skills an employer is looking for. Today’s conversation turns the table on tradition and encourages job seekers to first identify and then search for a job they will love. Guest, Scott Barlow uses putting a puzzle together as an analogy for identifying which type of job you will probably love. Signature Strengths are your inherent qualities which give you a natural and unfair advantage over another person. These strengths can be seen as the corner pieces of the puzzle as they are easy to recognize. Identifying these strengths is the first step in the process of finding a job you love. To assist you in figuring out what your strengths are, try: StrengthsFinder 2.0  Get Feedback from those who know you well enough to give you a truthful answer to the question “What do I do well?” The ideal work environment for you is a company which values the same things you do. Think about a workplace you would flourish in. These are the edge pieces of the puzzle, the framework of what you should be looking for when you search for a job. If you pre-identify the companies which closely match your ideal work environment, you can make contacts within the organizations before a job is posted online. You can place yourself first in line when a position becomes available. Go after the things you are great at and focus on the things you place the most value in! Scott Barlow Bio Scott Barlow is the founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps you stop doing work that doesn’t fit, figuring out what does fit and then teaching you to make it happen. Scott has been helping people develop their careers and businesses for more than 10 years. Scott is also the host of the Happen to Your Career podcast. Visit the Figure Out What Fits site to obtain the 8-day video series for creating career change. This is a FREE gift for Find Your Dream Job podcast listeners. Ben’s Job Search Resources: Apres Group is a community-based website for female professionals who have taken a career break and are looking to re-enter the workplace. The site is designed by Jennifer Gefsky and Niccole Kroll. The site’s resources include coaching, success stories and employers who are looking to hire. The site is free for women who want to register and perform job searches. Jenna’s Find Your Dream Job Listener Question: Ben, Jenna and Mac provide detailed feedback to answer Leta Muncie’s question - “What is the general career path a person might have before becoming an Executive Director of a nonprofit?” These segments are sponsored by the 2016 edition of Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond). Now available in all formats! If you would like the team to answer a job-related question send it to jenna@macslist.org. Or, if you found a job resource you think everyone should know about send it to ben@macslist.org and tell him how it has helped you find your dream job. Thank you for listening to Find Your Dream Job. If you like this show, please help us by rating and reviewing our podcast on iTunes. We appreciate your support! Opening and closing music for Find Your Dream Job provided by Freddy Trujillo, www.freddytrujillo.com.

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