[WORK] Ep.145 How To Navigate The Future of the Workplace w/ Dan Schawbel

How prepared are you for the future?   This week Ash talks to Dan Schawbel, a best selling author, podcast host, and managing partner of Workplace Intelligence, all about the implications of Covid-19 on the workforce.   Whether you own a business owner or are an employee for a large corporation, Dan shares powerful insight into how to establish yourself for success moving forward with the ongoing changes in the workplace. You don’t want to miss this timely and valuable episode!   Dan and Ash walk through managing burnout and mental health, what the new normal will be, along with what specific industries and skillsets the workforce needs now, and in the future, that you must be aware of!   If you are on the job hunt, Dan walks through two strategies for landing a job and shares why having a job, even if it isn’t your dream role, is a powerful tool for getting the job you actually want.   In This Episode, You Will Learn: What the future of the workplace will look like due to Covid-19. Tips for managing burnout and remaining productive. The one skillset you need to manage the “new normal” The most in-demand skill sets and industries for the future. Strategies for landing your dream job.   Resources: Back To Human by Dan Schawbel Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success by Dan Schawbel   Where You Can Find Dan Schawbel: https://danschawbel.com/ 5 Questions Podcast IG: @danswchawbel   Promotion: Want to upgrade your health? Organifi has a very special promotion on their GOLDEN Chocolate Bundle, order now at organifi.com/youturn and get 15% off at check out AND receive a FREE frother (available from November 12 - 19th)

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