[WORK] Ep. 142. How To Create Your Own Destiny w/ Courtney Sanders

Are you afraid of failing, or of taking the chance?   In this specially sponsored episode, Ash talks with Courtney Sanders, an online business coach and sponsored MBA Flexpath student at Capella University, on how to create your own destiny.    Stepping away from the path you thought you had to follow can feel scary and at times, impossible. Courtney shares her pathway to entrepreneurship and how to set authentic goals to reach success.   If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines, Courtney and Ash dive into actionable tips on how to make moves forward with your dreams, connect with the right people, and make learning an enjoyable process. For anyone considering higher education, especially an MBA, Courtney reveals her unique perspective on the value a degree offers entrepreneurs.    Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes! Ash gets even more detailed by sharing the 4 types of learning that exist (learn which one you are!), how to balance consuming content versus creating, and ways to remain a life long learner.   In This Episode, You Will Learn: 3 tips for creating success in your life. The different types of mentors and how to connect with them in your career. Personality traits that all successful people hold, and how to build them yourself. What it takes to be a life long learner. Insight into getting an MBA.   Where To Connect with Courtney Sanders: https://courtneylsanders.com/ IG: @courtneylsanders   This episode is sponsored by Capella University and Courtney is an actual Capella student compensated for speaking about her experience at Capella. All thoughts and opinions discussed in this episode are her own” To learn more about Capella programs and FlexPath, visit  capella.edu/youturn  

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