[LOVE] Ep. 140 Navigating Personality Difference In A Relationship w/ Chana Levitan

Is your romantic partner exactly like you?   This Week Ash dives into the love category with Chana Levitan, a marriage and dating expert, and author, specifically about how to navigate personality differences in a relationship. Chana shares the 10 differences in a person’s personality that influence relationships.   No two people are the same. When it comes to finding a strong partner, how your personalities collide matters a great deal. Chana shares how your differences can strengthen or weaken your relationship.  A relationship doesn’t only depend on who you both are, Chana and Ash walk through setting boundaries, exploring sexuality, and navigating any fears around commitment.   This is a must-listen episode for anyone looking to understand where the root of their relationship problems may lie.  Don’t worry, Chana walks through how to find resolution through differences, and even when you and your partner are overly similar.  In this weeks post-episode notes Ash share 3 communication patterns that couples may find themselves in and how to navigate successfully through each.  Be sure to stick around!   In This Episode, You Will Learn: 10 personality differences that impact relationships. The difference between a red flag and a challenge to work through. 3 stages within marriage and relationship. How to positively negotiate a power struggle within your relationship.   Resources: Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson  Attached by Amir Levin I Only Get Married Once by Chana Levitan Oh! That’s Why I Married You by Chana Levitan   Where You Can Find Chana Levitan: Chanalevitan.com Youtube: I Only Get Married Once Promotion: Craving structure and a morning routine that starts your day off right?  Add a scoop of vanilla protein into the mix!  Visit organifi.com/youturn to get 15% off at check out!

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