[BONUS] Ep. 129 How To Boost Your Health During The Pandemic w/Drew Canole

Do you wish your diet was cleaner?   Join Ash for this bonus episode with Drew Canole, the founder of Organifi and Fitlife. Drew is a nutritional and transformation Specialist here to talk all about how to boost your health and wellness during this pandemic.   Many years ago Drew realized he wasn’t living the life he loved and hit an “ah-ha” moment where he realized what he was doing was having a major impact on his health and wellbeing.  He set out on a journey to not only lose over 40 pounds but to create a fit life that has inspired millions to do the same.   Drew and Ash dives into all things nutrition, covering fad diets, what organic foods you should always be eating, how to optimize your sleep, and adjust your lifestyle for long term health. Health and wellness do start with food and nutrition however it spans far deeper.  Drew shares his insight into how to connect further with yourself, set intentions, and find ultimate transformation and wellbeing.   In This Episode, You Will Learn: Nutrition tips for mental clarity. How to optimize your sleep for maximum health and performance. The truth about diet fads and how to truly find the wellness plan that is right for you. How to make changes in your life that last.   Promotions: Oura Ring: help track your sleep patterns   Where You Can Find Drew Canole: @drewcanole Organifi.com   Promotion: Craving structure and a morning routine that starts your day off right?  Add a scoop of vanilla protein into the mix!  Visit organifi.com/youturn to get 15% off at check out!

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