[MINDSET] Ep. 124 Personality Isn't Permanent: How To Be Who You Want To Be w/Benjamin Hardy

Do you want to change an aspect of who you are but fear you can’t?   Listen in this week as Ash talks with Ben Hardy, an organizational psychologist and best selling author, all about your personality and the myths around whether it will ever change.   You have likely taken a personality test or two, but, have you let the results dictate how you live your life?  Ben shares a profound scientific viewpoint on the results from personality tests such as Myers-Briggs and how they impact your long term mental health.   Ben walks through the value of identity, the impact of a fixed mindset, how to break free from labels and what your personality actually is.  This episode is jam-packed with resources and thought-provoking questions to reframe how you think about yourself, and how to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash!   In This Episode, You Will Learn: How to set goals based upon your personality. The value of identity in your life and how to use it to your advantage. Steps to becoming the person you want to be. How to reframe past events in order to actually move forward.   Resources: Personality Isn’t Permanent by Ben Hardy Counter Clockwise By Ellen Langer Mindfulness By Ellen Langer Stumbling into Happiness by Daniel Gilbert Peak by Eamon Dolan   Where You Can Find Benjamin Hardy: benjaminhardy.com   Promotion:  Ready to discover the best career path for you? Visit YouTurnPodcast.com/clarity

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