[WORK] Ep. 122 How to Make An Impact Through Storytelling w/ John Romaniello

Do you want to captivate your audience? Ash talks with storyteller and business coach John Romaniello all about how to use storytelling in your life to connect with others.  Whether you need help with business marketing or dream about winning over a group at your next social gathering, John shares a 5 step model to become an impactful storyteller. People don’t ask for information, they ask for a stories. The better you can be at telling a narrative, the more connection you’ll make. John shares how to enter any conversation, capture your audience, and create stories that cater to who you’re speaking to.  Ash and John walk through ways to write and speak from a personal voice and share your story with confidence. Be sure to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash! Her pathway to becoming an author and speaker couldn’t fall into a better category of discussion.  You don’t want to miss this.   In This Episode, You Will Learn: A 5 Step storytelling model. Tips to being a storyteller and win over your audience. Creative ideas for connecting on social media. How to notice the stories in your life.   Resources: The Game by Neil Strauss Neil Gaiman Commencement speak Consider This by Chuck Palahnuik   Where You Can Find John Romaniello: Instagram: @johnromaniello https://johnromaniello.com/   Promotion:  Want to land the job you love?  Visit youturnpodcast.com/joboffer

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