[MINDSET] Ep. 121 An Astrological Overview of 2020 w/ Danielle Page

Do you want to know what your astrological sign means for the rest of 2020? This week Ash talks with Danielle Paige, an intuitive astrologer and spiritual teacher about what to expect this summer and for the rest of 2020. This episode takes a unique and exciting approach to view life through the stars instead of our hearts and our minds. Danielle shares the power of the planets in relation to how our personal lives unfold as well as society as a whole. This is not a prediction of the future, Danielle’s work in astrology is rooted in quantum physics and the power of energy in our life and the universe. Danielle and Ash walk through their visions of the future, the impact the 3 summer eclipses will have on our energy and what each astrological sign embodies. Don’t forget to stick around for Ash’s post-episode notes! In This Episode, You Will Learn: What makes up your birth chart and what it reveals about your life. What your individual astrologogical sign means in the shadow and higher state. How to navigate life during an eclipse. Why we respond so strongly to changes in the environment. Where You Can Find Danielle Paige: Instagram: @Iamdaniellepaigedaniellepage.com Promotion: Ready to discover the best career path for you? Visit YouTurnPodcast.com/clarity

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