[WORK] Ep. 113 How To Accelerate Your Career w/ Michelle Armer

Are you living your dream job right now? This week Ash talks with Michele Armer the Chief People Officer at CareerBuilder, all about how to accelerate your career. Michele dives into her thoughts on SMART goals, how to strategically grow your career, and whether you should actually pursue higher education. If you are considering that MBA or other higher education, Michele provides a few key questions to ask yourself, and actionable steps you can take, to decide if it is the right decision for you. The workplace can be full of awkward encounters and uncomfortable situations. Knowing when it is time to go to HR may feel like a tough line to manage between looking petty and making the workplace better. Michele gives her rules of thumb for when you should work with HR and how to approach them. Standing up for what you need can feel scary, especially if you have an intimidating boss. Michele and Ash talk through how to start a difficult conversation with grace and how to set the boundaries you need at work.  This episode is jam-packed with career advice from two experienced and entertaining women.  And, don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes where Ash drops even more career advice on you!   In This Episode, You Will Learn: Indicators that its time to go to HR for help. How to deal with a stressful manager. Tips to determine if you are motivated for higher education while you work. How to be yourself while remaining professional.   Where You Can Find Michele Armer: www.careerbuilder.com   Promotion: Want to land your dream job? Visit: youturnpodcast.com/joboffer

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