[WORK] Ep. 104 How To Craft A Great Speech or Presentation w/ Janice Tomich

Does the thought of standing on stage and speaking to a crowd of people make your palms sweat? This week Ash talks with Janice Tomich, an executive speaking coach and expert in communication, all about releasing the fears and blocks of public speaking. Janice shares her 4 step template to crafting a strong presentation that will help you turn your talk into a powerful experience. Stepping up on stage works best when you can stand tall in your authentic self. This requires a particular type of practice that includes navigating the line between overpreparing and trusting yourself to free form during a presentation. Janice and Ash talk through how to find this balance and properly practice before the big day. Standing up on stage to give a speech or presentation at work requires control over your emotions. Janice shares how powerful your breath can be in order to be settled into a relaxed state on stage. Be sure to stay tuned in to join Janice while she walks through a few exercises to breathe properly, and it isn’t what you might envision. When you listen to a great presentation pay close attention, there is consistently a key message that runs throughout the entire talk. In order to do this, you have to stay on course and always come back to that message no matter what stories, data or insight you share. Janice gives a great example of a speaker who does this and how he has perfected the craft. In order to prepare for your next presentation or talk, Janice finishing out by sharing a great tip for gaining the skills that some of the most impactful speakers have.  Don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash, where she talks through sharing from the mind versus sharing from the heart and how to weave both into your next talk.   In this Episode, You Will Learn: Mindset tips to giving a solid presentation. 4 components to building a powerful talk. How to be yourself on stage.   Where You Can Find Janice Tomich: https://janicetomich.com/   Promotion: Want to land the job you love?  Visit youturnpodcast.com/joboffer

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