Matthew Kimberly: Get a F*cking Grip! (and Book Yourself Solid)

Matthew Kimberly is the CEO at Book Yourself Solid Worldwide, founder of The School for Selling and The Single Malt Mastermind, and the creator of Delightful Emails. He helps small business owners and the self-employed get to grips with marketing and selling and to enjoy more fun, freedom and flow. His book, How To Get A Grip, was first released by John Blake in 2011, and re-released in 2019 by Bonnier, under the title Get a F*cking Grip. His podcast, also called How To Get A Grip, interviews business owners on how they keep their sanity (and what grinds their gears). A keynote speaker, Matthew has delighted audiences from Sydney to San Diego - and everywhere in-between. He lives in Malta, a small Mediterranean island, with two kids, one wife and one dog. This Week on the Get Paid Podcast   Why Matthew chose to live on (or in?) the island of Malta Tax breaks and buying citizenship How Matthew established his first business after starting out in sales Coaching people efficiently but personally with The Single Malt Mastermind email program Sales advice for non-sales people How to craft a persona that’s a “higher” version of you Should you dumb your emails down? How to “Book Yourself Solid” Matthew’s approach to recruiting business coaches who want to make more than $200k a year How Matthew supports his network of coaches and their clients Bringing in the traffic and signing them up Structuring a licensing agreement “If I treated my audience as dumb, I’d be retired by now” Get a F*cking Grip Mentioned in this episode: Matthew’s accountability email program: The Single Malt Mastermind Book Yourself Solid coaching program Taki Moore, the Million Dollar Coach Matthew’s no-nonsense self-help book Get a F*cking Grip Get a F*cking grip audiobook (read by Matthew) Yours truly on Matthew’s Get a Grip podcast Connect with Matthew: Matthew’s emails are brilliant. You can sign up for them on his website. Instagram LinkedIn   The Most Important Training for Course Creators    If you're like me, you've heard the talk: “Evergreen funnels aren't effective. Only certain types of businesses can actually sell on autopilot”. But, that's not true at all. I’ve made $50,000 in revenue with Mariah Coz’s evergreen funnel strategies.    Now, you can walk through her entire system in her free class: ‘How To Sell More Courses With An Evergreen Sales Funnel’.  It's kinda insane how detailed she gets in this training. Visit to get it right now.    Now it’s time to GET PAID   Thanks for tuning into the Get Paid Podcast! If you enjoyed today’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe, rate, and leave your honest review. Connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, visit my website for even more detailed strategies, and be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media.   Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.

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