Abagail and Emylee from the Boss Project: Hitting $200k in Year 1

Abagail and Emylee founded Think Creative Collective just months after meeting each other online. What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams, and ideas. Together they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months by helping thousands of creative entrepreneurs build a soul-fulfilling and freaking profitable business. When they’re not building their empire you can find Abagail arranging fresh flowers, cuddling her rescue beagles or sipping on a McDonald’s Coke (yes, even she has weaknesses). If you want to catch up with Emylee you’ll need to head to the local coffee shop to find her (and make sure to buy her an extra shot). Otherwise, she’s creepily watching her daughter sleep or posing her newest houseplant for an Insta-worthy gram.  This week on the Get Paid Podcast, Abagail and Emylee join us to chat about how they made $200k in their first year, working through adoption and brain injury to get their launch done, and the challenges of hitting $1 million. “Find people that are adding to your bottom line. For a long time, we just hired to fill holes and do things that we used to do to get by and weren’t necessarily adding value, whereas other people were hiring people that add definite revenue.”  — The Boss Project   This Week on the Get Paid Podcast How to distribute your profit [3:56] Rebranding as The Boss Project [7:15] The origin story [11:25] Making $200k in their first year [18:22] Why stock photos aren't working anymore [19:53] The $29 product [30:01] How Abby worked through a brain injury [43:40] The stress of scaling to $1 million [59:44]   Resources Mentioned: Profit First YNAB The Lish Creative Trello for Business “August Profit Report: How We Made 24% of Our Income from A $29 Product”  Strategy Academy Courtney Foster Donahue “What Does it Really Cost to Grow a Million $$$ Business”   Connect with Abagail and Emylee: Website Facebook Instagram   The Most Important Training for Course Creators    If you're like me, you've heard the talk: “Evergreen funnels aren't effective. Only certain types of businesses can actually sell on autopilot”. But, that's not true at all. I’ve made $50,000 in revenue with Mariah Coz’s evergreen funnel strategies.  Now, you can walk through her entire system in her free class: ‘how To Sell More Courses With An Evergreen Sales Funnel’.  It's kinda insane how detailed she gets in this training. Visit clairepells.com/ee to get it right now.    Now it’s time to GET PAID   Thanks for tuning into the Get Paid Podcast! If you enjoyed today’s episode, head over to Apple Podcasts to subscribe, rate, and leave your honest review. Connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, visit my website for even more detailed strategies, and be sure to share your favorite episodes on social media.   Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.

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