83: Data Lake or Data Fake? w/ David Dadoun

This week we are joined by AoF alumni, David Dadoun to talk about data lakes, data oceans, data puddles, and data platforms, and why so many are confused about the topic. David is leader, professor, global speaker, and recently transitioned to an exciting new role as Head of Enterprise Data and BI at a gaming company called Ubisoft in Canada. 

If you feel unsure about the definition of a data lake vs a data platform, you’re not alone. The concept continues to evolve, to where we are today which is a data platform. As the owner and creators of multiple data platforms, David shared breaks down the key steps to transform your data lake into a data platform. Whether you’re migrating to a more sophisticated data cloud or building a platform from scratch, the rapid pace of change means there’s always something new to be learned. Tune in today for this fascinating conversation on how to master your data platform!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • [0:07:35] What the ‘data lake’ was and how it has evolved over time.
  • [0:08:35] What is a data fake and how data lakes have evolved into data platforms.
  • [0:12:51] Who needs to own the data platforms and who it’s for.
  • [0:14:41] How to run a data platform depending on the size and structure of your organization.
  • [0:16:05] The different ways that companies can structure their data platform(s).
  • [0:18:02] Why data literacy is crucial for any company with a data culture and how data lakes form part of the core strategy.
  • [0:21:03] How to balance analytics and data goals within your company and teams.
  • [0:24:20] The important steps a company can take towards creating a data lake.
  • [0:28:13] Why it’s necessary to be mindful of the rapid rate of change within data and how it will affect your data platforms.

For full show notes, and the links mentioned visit: https://bibrainz.com/podcast/83


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