236: The Seed of Greatness Lies Inside of You

Today’s episode is inspired from a coaching session on Clubhouse with Melissa. During our chat, we were in the process of uncovering her red light core story, and she shared a really powerful analogy with me. Melissa mentioned that identifying her Red Light Core Story - her past, not being good enough and feelings of unworthiness - felt like she had ripped out a huge weed in a garden, leaving a gaping hole. She knew that she needed to plant a flower in the hole’s place, but she had absolutely no idea how to do that. I told her that the process doesn’t work by replacing the weed with a fully grown flower. Instead, you have to recognize that a SEED of GREATNESS lies in that same hole.  It’s just been buried by the weed that has grown over time. It’s been the limitations you’ve placed upon YOURSELF by your Red Light Core Story (the weed) that’s kept the seed from blooming. Tune in as I share with you this really powerful analogy, how to cultivate the seed of greatness, and why faith is essential in tending your garden (your life). Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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