234: Be Careful Who You Call a 'Leader' on Your Team

Is there someone on your team that you call a ‘leader’…however, you’re also frustrated with that person because they are not showing up as a leader and helping others succeed?  Here’s a word of warning: Be very careful about who you call a ‘leader’ in your business. Because someone in your team might be in a position of leadership: they can recruit people, they are good at attraction marketing, they are a top producer… BUT, you just can't get them to lead their team. The problem is you are calling that person something they are not. Building a team and leading a team are two very different things. Understand that leadership is not determined by money or rank. It's demonstrated every day through example. LEADERSHIP is action oriented. It is something that is earned every day. Here’s the thing - the true value of a leader is measured through his or her ability to help other people. Join me in this episode as I talk about the true definition of a leader, essential qualities that a leader must have (4 Cs of Leadership), and how to identify and develop leaders in your business. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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