232: PODCAST TAKEOVER: It's My Turn to Get on the Hot Seat!

Hey everybody! Today’s episode is a little bit different, because it’s my turn to get on the hot seat. We’re doing a PODCAST TAKEOVER. I’m joined by my long-time friend and LLA’s Director of Coaching, Megan Weisheipl, and she’ll be doing the questioning. We hit the rewind button on this episode, so get ready as we take you on a journey and go back in time to when I was still new in the network marketing profession. You’ll hear us talk about my exciting network marketing journey: ➤ who introduced me to network marketing ➤ The super embarrassing moment when I pulled up to an at-home meeting in my rust-bucket 1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse ➤ overcoming the setback of the closure of my company ➤ how I hit the million-dollar success point And then, I’ll share how we built Legacy Leadership Academy, the transition process from being a solopreneur to a real business owner, and the exciting future ahead for the business, including LLA and Next Level Leadership. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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