230: {Biz Tip Friday} Can Your Focus on Service and Still Make Sales?

When I’m coaching someone to transform their business into one focused on service, the very first question I get is “But, Bob, is it possible to serve and still make sales?” But I need you to understand this… Having a service mindset does NOT mean that you're not looking to make a sale. Here’s the thing - having a sales mindset means you have a red light story at the center of your business. You are 100% leading from fear.You’re concentrating on the numbers, the goals, the metrics….instead of on the people whose lives you are trying to impact. And that’s just thinking and acting like a SALESPERSON, which is no way to grow a team and a business that creates a life of freedom in the long term, impacts lives, AND creates a life of fulfillment. In this Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to share with you exactly what it means to have a service mindset and why it’s key to your long term business success. The Legacy Leadership Academy is open through Thursday, April 29th for new members. Visit www.legacyleadershipacademy.com to begin your own business transformation today!

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