225: The Power of Weekly Accountability Meetings

Do you know what the BEST thing you can do to develop new strong, leaders on your team? On today’s podcast, I chat with Jen Goodall, one of the star members of my Next Level Leadership program.  Jenn has been with her direct sales company for 4 years.  She had created a great team and experienced personal success. Everybody was doing well….and then her team became stagnant. In other words, there was no DUPLICATION happening. She felt stuck, and there was literally no growth in her team. Jen tried many things to get her team ‘unstuck’ and moving forward with momentum, but it’s when she began implementing WAMs (Weekly Accountability Meetings) that things really began to turn around. In fact, Jen says WAMs are the key reason her team has grown from around $50K/month last August (after 9 steady months of decline!) to a 4x’ed volume of $200K this month! In this episode, Jenn shares her business struggles and how it led her joining Next Level Leadership. We’ll also talk about the importance of systems, specifically implementing the Weekly Accountability Meetings, and how it greatly impacted Jenn’s business growth-wise. Don't forget to visit www.nextlevelleadership.com   Episode Quotes "You'll never have true financial and time freedom unless you create other leaders." "One of the biggest shifts that we need to make as leaders is we have to respect our time." "Group coaching is 10x more effective than 1-on-1 coaching." "The only form of accountability in the world is self-accountability." "Leadership is not determined by what you did yesterday. It's determined by what you are doing today."   Listen to Learn 05:25 - Business struggles and why Jenn joined Next Level Leadership 10:58 - Leadership transformation and growth success 16:02 - Implementing the Weekly Accountability Meetings (WAM) 29:46 - The advantages of doing the WAM 42:10 - Advice for network marketers

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