219: LIVE COACHING: How to Heal from Past Trauma

When we experience a significant trauma in our lives, it can sometimes have a devastating effect on our lives – even decades later. Even when the event itself is long past and can no longer hurt us directly – it can still hold us in its grip. Because we’ve made it mean something about US. Even though it could never be your fault, if you’re anything like most people, you still feel somehow like it must have happened because there’s something “wrong” with you. You create a story about yourself, based on a circumstance that was nothing to do with you. And that Red Light Story can keep you stuck in shame and fear for the rest of your life – if you let it. That’s exactly what Amanda has been struggling with, for years now. Amanda was so courageous recently, when she opened up during a live coaching session inside our leadership certification program, Legacy Leadership Academy – and shared how a set of traumatizing events in her early childhood have been keeping her from fully showing up in her life and business. How DO you start to let go of a story that’s simply been “true” for you, for most of your life? That’s exactly what I helped Amanda with during our amazing coaching session together and you can hear our full conversation on this week’s podcast episode. Tune in right now, to discover how to detach from and defuse your Red Light Stories, and instead use your experiences as your most powerful tool to make your impact in the world and fulfill your true purpose and potential. To register for my free live training on 'Overcoming the Relational Roadblock' on Thursday, March 11th click this link! www.yourvirtualupline.com/masterclass

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