205: {BEST OF} God Doesn't Create Junk!

Today is a special BEST OF edition of the podcast, where we share with you one of our most popular episodes of all time - Episode 96: God Doesn’t Create Junk.  I couldn’t think of a better message to share with you as you look forward to 2021 and set your big goals for your business and your life.  This episode was so popular because it reminded us of something so important - that we ALREADY have what we need inside of ourselves to create the business and life of our dreams.  There is untapped potential inside of you right now, waiting to get out, if you can just start showing up as the person that God created you to be. Let this special episode serve as an important reminder of that fact. If you truly want to make 2021 the best year ever in your business MAKE SURE you get yourself registered for my upcoming  LOVE SERVE GROW CHALLENGE starting on Tuesday January 5th!  Here’s the link to get registered - make sure you share with your teams!  www.yourvirtualupline.com/loveservegrow

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