194: 3 Ways to Social Media Proof Your Business

One of the biggest traps I see so many struggling network marketers fall into is this →  They rely WAY too much on social media for their business. So they’re posting constantly, focusing almost all of their time on creating content, growing their following …  In fact, I’d bet the average “hobbyist” network marketer probably spends 75–80% of their time on social – it literally becomes a full-time job for them. But here’s what I want you to understand. Social media is NOT a business. Am I saying that mean social media isn’t important? Absolutely NOT. I honestly believe it’s the greatest marketing and lead generation tool you’ll ever have for your business, in your lifetime. But social media is just one piece of a MUCH bigger puzzle that most people don’t even understand exists. And if you don’t have the other puzzle pieces in place, you’re never going to grow a long-term business that’s truly your In this week’s eye-opening podcast episode, I want to share with you 3 things you can start focusing on TODAY, to do exactly that. These actionable steps are going to lead you to building a REAL BUSINESS that is sustainable long-term, and one that gives you complete control and freedom. If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes.

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