191: {Live Coaching} Changing the Way You Look at Your Problems

Do you ever feel you’re not getting the support you need in your business? That’s exactly how Anne-Marie was feeling about her company – and it was this struggle that I coached her through on an incredibly powerful Hot Seat call recently. Today, I’m sharing with you that live coaching session that I did with Anne-Marie from our advanced leadership coaching program called Next Level Leadership. Anne-Marie, is a mother of 3, born French-Canadian, and is currently living in Quebec. And while she’s built a phenomenally successful team in the US, she’s struggling big time to develop her business in French-speaking Quebec where she now lives. The big obstacle in her way, she feels, is that her company provides NO support materials in French. But as we chatted and worked through the issue, we figured that the real issue is not the lack of materials, but rather how she looks at the circumstances and creates the story in her mind. In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about how to let go of control, the value of delegating and elevating your team, and how to reframe your story to turn obstacles into opportunities. I know all of you are going to get so much value out of this. Enjoy! If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. www.nextlevelleadership.com

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