179: Introducing the Love, Serve, Grow Challenge!

Does FEAR have you absolutely paralyzed in your business? I have the cure… Look, if you’re struggling right now to see the results you want ...  I can almost guarantee it’s because you’re thinking about your business in the wrong way – without even realizing it. See, most network marketers are taught to approach network marketing with a sales mindset ... So their entire focus is on simply getting as many customers and recruits as possible. Sure, sales and recruitment are important, right? BUT ... In my 20+ years in network marketing, I’ve witnessed a lot of success stories from my Legacy Leadership Academy students, and it’s because of one thing… They’ve shifted their mindset from a sales strategy to my Love, Serve, Grow philosophy to building your network marketing business. Specifically when it comes to the area of prospecting! I strongly believe that this is what every network marketer needs in their business. Here’s why… The people who are ultra-successful in this industry do NOT look at what they do as sales.  Rather than being “sales people” they see themselves as paid PROBLEM SOLVERS. And even more crucially – instead of leading from their own needs ... They lead with LOVE and SERVICE. And what if I told you that I can help you and your whole team learn to make that same shift from “sales” to “service” mindset – so YOU can all have the same life-changing results as the ultra-successful? Today, I am SO excited to announce a FREE 4-part live training that is going to do exactly that! This incredible free training series is based on our LOVE SERVE GROW teambuilding philosophy, which is the unique mindset-based approach to building your business that we teach inside our certification program, Legacy Leadership Academy. This is going to take your life and business to a level you never imagined possible! Your LOVE SERVE GROW Training starts September 24 – and it’s completely free, because I want every single person in this profession to experience this life-changing shift. Join the Love, Serve, Grow Challenge. Register for FREE - www.yourvirtualupline.com/loveservegrow    If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. Episode 141: https://yourvirtualupline.com/podcast/episode141/

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