175: How to Handle a Bad Month in Your Business

I’m curious – can you relate to this …? → You have a great month in your business, and you’re on top of the world. Maybe this even happens for a few months in a row! Then this happens…you have a TERRIBLE month. No one signs up, your team volume starts to slip backwards, you even lose a qualification or drop back a rank. As a result, red light stories start flying around in your mind.  It causes you to stop showing up in your business, and you begin to feel like you’re a failure.    You wake up one morning and admit to yourself that you’ve dug yourself into a horrendously deep rut.  Here’s the reality, BAD months happen to everyone in this profession. In fact, it is just a part of building a successful business. However, the key determining factor is how you choose to respond to a bad month. In today’s podcast, I want to teach you how to have a bad month and NOT have it destroy your confidence and belief in yourself as a leader. Listen in right now, and you’ll discover the ONE life-changing shift in perspective you need to make, to break the negative cycle of self-worth, and start crushing your big goals effortlessly. If you have questions, text me at (215) 608-1454, and let me know what do you need help with, what issues are your struggling, and what topics you want me to cover in future episodes. SPECIAL OFFER! Enroll now and become a Certified Legacy Leader™ - www.legacyleadershipacademy.com/specialoffer

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