169: How She Did It: Stuck for Over 4 Years to 293 New Team Members in 1 Month!

Join me in a talk with Amy Triplett, who went from feeling stuck and hitting rock bottom to adding 297 new team members in a single month! Amy’s passion for systems led her to earn 6-figures, but moving to the next level seemed a struggle, and Amy found herself stuck in the same rank for 4.5 years. She implemented more systems, thinking that ‘more’ of what had worked for her already was the key; however, she did not see the results she craved so much. She was at her lowest ebb, feeling like a fake, totally unworthy – and heartbroken at having failed her whole team. She was almost ready to quit. At that point she came to me, and I could see that it wasn’t WHAT she was doing that was the problem – it was her thoughts and BELIEFS about herself. If you’ve ever felt stuck like Amy, and you feel like you’re still doing EVERYTHING you should be doing, I want you to know this…. It’s not your actions you need to work on – it’s your BELIEFS. Amy is one of the best students in our Legacy Leadership Academy and recently graduated to our Next Level Leadership Program. She and I worked together over the next 90 days using the Formula for Transformation that I teach as part of our Legacy Leadership philosophy. She worked SO incredibly hard to master her thoughts and mindset. And her progress was truly ASTONISHING. In June, she added 297 new members on her team, and FINALLY reached her next rank – the second highest in her company. Plus, her team had 32 other rank-ups, across many different legs.  It was Amy’s best-ever month – and she’s still going from strength to strength. Amy joins me today to share her story, why mindset is the key to getting unstuck, and how implementing The Formula for Transformation led her to success. Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? www.yourvirtualupline.com/getstarted Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer. www.nextlevelleadership.com/free-trial

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