165: How to Lead the Less Motivated People on Your Team

How can YOU, as a leader, motivate ‘the hobbyists’ on your team so that they begin seeing themselves as real business owners, and start building their impact and results? Here’s the reality when it comes to leading a team: You're going to have different people with different levels of motivation and commitment. The vast majority of your people struggle with fear and overwhelm. They keep busy with passive activities that don’t get results, and when they do take action it’s haphazard and inconsistent. They’re not committed or motivated to grow. Frankly, they’re not treating this as a business at all – they’re struggling hobbyists. So how can YOU, as a leader, motivate these people to see themselves as real business owners, and start building their impact and results? On this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to share with you a fail-proof method that I used in my business and that I now teach to my students ...  … that not only motivates and encourages even the least serious to commit to their own growth, feel great about their accomplishments and build their personal integrity so they learn to trust in their own success … … it also makes EVERY team member feel welcome, valued and able to WIN, no matter what their level of commitment – which is KEY for retention and your team’s long-term growth! I promise you, when you implement this method, your whole team is going to  be crushing it in no time! Have you taken our leadership assessment yet? www.yourvirtualupline.com/getstarted Take your business to the next level by joining NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP. Special 14 Day free trial offer. www.nextlevelleadership.com/free-trial

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