161: My 3-Step Mid-Year Goal Achievement Plan

You CAN still reach your goals for 2020 (even if it’s not going great so far!) The first half of this year was a little bit crazy, and you might just be questioning if you can even achieve your goals you set for this year…. Well, I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN. Today, I’m giving you my 3-step mid-year goal achievement plan that is going to help you regain focus and achieve your goals.    And in this week’s pivotal podcast episode, I’m going to show you exactly HOW. See, the reality is, when most people set out to achieve a goal, their mind right away starts asking “What do I need to DO to get there?” But this is the WRONG question – because it gets you stuck in play-it-small activities and tactics based on what you know has worked in the past. Instead, I truly believe the secret to ACHIEVING your goals (not just setting them!) is to let go of “doing” and ask yourself this. “Who do I need to BE in order to reach this goal?” Success is a matter of BEING, not doing.  That’s why, in the podcast this week, I want to take you through my simple and incredibly powerful 3-Step Plan to help YOU start creating from your future, successful identity – and achieve things in the second half of 2020 you never thought possible! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel – Your Virtual Upline Click here to download the list of values

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