158: {Biz Tip Friday} The Secret to Running Successful Virtual Events

Do you struggle getting people to show up to your events? Would you like to double or even triple the amount of people attending, not matter if the event is virtual or in person? First and foremost, you need to understand that people don’t attend events for two reasons: The person hosting the event doesn’t invite enough people, or… You and your team have weak invitations Most meetings, virtual and live, fail because the host doesn’t put in enough work. You need to put in the time and effort of inviting people and getting their commitment. As the leader running the event, it is your job to set expectations upfront and to hold everybody accountable. In this week’s Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to share my secret strategy to double or triple the number of people attending your events…regardless if they’re virtual or in person!  Have you taken our new leadership assessment yet? www.yourvirtualupline.com/getstarted

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