152: How She Did It: From $8k to $125k in Total Team Sales in Less Than a Year!

Today’s episode is a Case Study of one of our students Kristy Wharton that increased her total team sales from $8,000 in 2018 to over $125,000 in 2019!  When Kristy first joined the Legacy Leadership Academy in July of 2019 she was really struggling creating any kind of duplication on her team.  She had done a great job personally making sales and getting new recruits, but that success wasn’t translating to her team. This caused her to really struggle with her own confidence and belief as a leader.  She knew she needed help, she just wasn’t sure exactly what to do.  After joining LLA she immediately knew what her biggest problem was - ONBOARDING. She did not have a simple system in place for onboarding her new team members.  She took the exact system that we teach inside of LLA, implemented it into her team in October, and couldn’t believe what she saw happen.  Here team did over 80,000 in total team sales in just the last 3 months of the year!  This brought her total team sales for 2019 to right around $114,000.  That’s a 1,325% increase!! In this episode I talk with Kristy and she explains EXACTLY what she did to help her create those kinds of results.  If you are someone that’s struggling with building your team, and creating other independent leaders, this is a MUST LISTEN episode! If you want to register for our free training next week on Onboarding - make sure you click here:  www.yourvirtualupline.com/onboarding 

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