144: {Biz Tip Friday} Relationship Building with Prospects ISN'T Enough

You need to know this - relationship building with your prospects is not enough. Since I shared the LOVE, SERVE, GROW framework, where I teach everybody to focus on loving and serving before recruiting, I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they are already serving their prospects with love, but it is still not producing any results. Here’s WHY: You’re spending all of your time just in relationship building mode. You need to go to the NEXT LEVEL. And you go ‘next level’ by adding value to people's lives. HOW? Share the things that you've learned in your journey - as an entrepreneur or as a leader. If you start sharing the golden nuggets and wisdom you’ve learned, and these things help people improve their own lives, you will absolutely start seeing better results. My CHALLENGE for you: The next time you follow up with a prospect and have relationship building as the focus, have a plan. Don’t just make idle chitchat. I want you to go live or reach out to people. If you read a book or learn something in a podcast, share it with your prospects. Here’s the thing, when people get value from you, you become more valuable to them.

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