143: Stop Wasting Your Time Working With Uncommitted People

Today, I’m going to answer the age old dilemma in network marketing – “How do I handle uncommitted people on your team?” I know as a leader you love seeing people on your team succeed. However, sometimes we can be so desperate that you spend the majority of your time leading coaching calls and motivational spiels with people that aren’t even committed to growing their own business!  Spending too much time trying to get uncommitted people to be committed is a HUGE MISTAKE. I want you to understand this:  It is not your job to make your team members successful. Every minute you spend with someone who is uncommitted to their business is robbing those who ARE committed from your time, leadership, and attention. When I finally decided to respect my personal time and support the deserving people on my team, I experienced a huge difference in my business. I started seeing my team grow faster and the business became more fulfilling and fun. The way that you build a legacy business in this profession is by getting really clear on who are the best people that deserve your time, leadership, and expertise.  Time is the most valuable asset you have.  Give it to those who are committed and deserve it.   What kind of network marketing leader are you?  Take the LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT.  DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY - the Legacy Leadership Academy is now FREE until the end of April!  But, registration ends on April 15th! Go to www.legacyleadershipacademy.com/free and you can enroll today, no credit card required.

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