139: How to Deal with the Coronavirus as a Leader

This may be one of the most important messages that I ever share with you. Amidst the tragedy and chaos that’s going on in the world right now exists the seed of an incredible opportunity.  What we are dealing with right now in the world is a call to LEADERSHIP. ⁣ You are being called right now inside of your business to be a LEADER. My advice to you is it should NOT be ‘business as usual’ for you - I want you to shift gears and take a radically different approach. As a profession right now, we are failing miserably on social media.  What the world needs today isn’t another sales pitch or marketing promotion - it needs a message of LOVE, inspiration, and HOPE.⁣ If you are a position of leadership - The world needs you right now, get on social media, be visible and be heard...⁣ Now is the time for us to put our own selfish interests aside from making that next sale, and let’s all come together as one, and do our parts to lead the world through this crisis.⁣ Don’t feed the fear that everyone else is peddling, spread LOVE and become a light for others to follow. ⁣ Choose to be a part of the SOLUTION, not someone that feeds into the problem. ⁣ BE THE LIGHT - encourage people through these difficult times, love on people harder than you ever have before, and SHOW UP. Please share this message with your teams and anyone else you know that’s in this profession. Make sure you follow me on Facebook or Instagram to watch my new daily live show… www.facebook.com/yourvirtualupline www.instagram.com/bob_heilig

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