{Biz Tip Friday} How to Authentically Sell Your Products

In this episode of Biz Tip Friday, I’m going to answer the question - ‘How do I reach out and share what I do in an AUTHENTIC way, without coming across ‘too salesy’, to people that I haven’t spoken to in a while?’ Here’s the reality – eventually we are going to saturate our warm market and have to reach out to people that we know but that we haven’t been in contact with for a while. However, out of FEAR, network marketers typically aren’t willing to actually reach out to these people. We are so worried that we might sound ‘too salesy’ or ‘inauthentic.’ However, you must understand that the product that you’re offering CAN change someone’s life. Therefore, NOT sharing your products with people is the actual definition of being INAUTHENTIC.    I want you to completely shift your mindset around this topic and know this: The secret to selling with authenticity and passion is loving what you do SO much that you feel as though you’re doing people a disservice if you don’t tell them about your product. And here’s the key – make it about THEM and about how this product or business opportunity can transform their lives. Check out Legacy Leadership Academy waitlist at www.legacyleadershipacademy.com. We open our doors for new members later this Spring.

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