133: {Biz Tip Friday} How to Follow-up with a Prospect

Today I’m introducing a brand new series on my podcast called “Biz Tip Friday.” While I absolutely love going deep into a topic inside the network marketing industry like I do on my weekly Tuesday podcast, I also understand that many of you are looking for short, actionable pieces of advice that you can implement quickly that give you HUGE results! In this pilot episode, we cover the topic of following-up with prospects. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making in this area is following up without having a clearly defined next step. I, personally, used to make this mistake all the time. I’d go through all the steps: share a 3rd party tool, answer questions, lead them to a phone call with my upline or a presentation.  But, then I’d just leave them out there ‘waiting to make a decision.’ This is a HUGE MISTAKE!!! What I learned is that when following up with a prospect, you must always have a ‘next step’ for them.  Understand that closing is not a single event.  It is a process. Our job is to move the prospect to a predefined next step if they aren’t ready to buy or join. This ‘exposure process’ creates momentum for the close until they reached the point of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Remember this - the people that are truly interested will always take the next step. Just let the process do the work! Check out Legacy Leadership Academy waitlist at www.legacyleadershipacademy.com. We open our doors for new members later this Spring.

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