124: How to Run Recruiting Campaigns on Your Team

Recruiting Campaigns are a powerful tool you can use to help motivate your team to take more consistent action and reach out to more prospects.  In this podcast episode, I share with you my 3-step process for setting up a successful recruiting campaign for your team. Do you have team members who are struggling?  Are they overwhelmed and confused? There is a LOT of information overload available to network marketers.  Scripts, podcasts, LIVE video strategies, and more!  And all of this information can definitely overwhelm some of your team members causing all productivity to come to a screeching halt! One of the best strategies to get overwhelmed and confused team members to move forward and take consistent action is to start a Recruiting Campaign.  While most team leaders think of recruiting campaigns as a means to add more team members, it also serves as a way to get hesitant team members to actually move forward and take action. Recruiting Campaigns combat two of the biggest obstacles your team faces – FEAR and OVERWHELM – by giving your team a simple system to follow over a short period of time. Here is my 3-step system for creating a successful recruiting campaign: STEP #1: Identify the specific group of people you want to target (Real Estate Agents, Nurses, Teachers, Traditional Business Owners) and create the story around why they would be such a good prospect. STEP #2: Come up with the scripts and key messaging points for your team. Part of this includes anticipating the objections that might come up ahead of time.    STEP #3: Choose a specific time and roll it out to your team. You could kick the campaign off with a really exciting Zoom presentation. Make it fun! You can give away prizes for those people that participate.  

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