115: The Magic of Thinking Big

Knowing how to ‘think big’ is one of the most important skills you will ever learn in your life. Today we are going to talk about the magic of thinking big and how mastering this skillset transformed my business and TOTALLY CHANGED MY LIFE. Greatness is believing in a dream for your life far beyond your current circumstances Thinking big and developing a compelling vision for your life is an extremely important job as a leader. And if you own a business, then you ARE a leader! Casting a vision for your life and how others’ lives can be is the starting point to being a great leader. Great leaders learn how to paint a vision for the future for themselves and their teams that inspires them to move into action! However, the reason why most people are stuck and lack passion in either their business or life is because they lack vision. And I have to admit one of my own personal struggles was always using my past to determine what my future was going to look like. But here’s what I want you to understand, your past or current circumstances have NOTHING to do with your future! So join me in this episode as I share the magic of thinking big and the steps on how to create your own big vision for your future! Mentioned:  Episode 114 - How to Change Your Negative Thoughts Episode 90 - Mastering Your Money Mindset Visit www.yourvirtualupline.com/qa and get your chance to be part of our next live coaching session. Check out Legacy Leadership Academy at www.legacyleadershipacademy.com. Enrollment is opening on October.

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