110: Instagram Stories with Jasmine Star

Today, I am joined by Jasmine Star, photographer, entrepreneur, and Instagram expert. In this episode, Jasmine and I talk about Instagram Stories, how to effectively use it in your network marketing business, and the best practices you can implement in your own business. We are not using Instagram Stories to sell… we use it to build our personal brands Facebook has been monumental in changing the way we do business in network marketing. However, Instagram has become the most highly effective and fastest growing platform today in the social media world. And many network marketers are taking advantage of it! Instagram, with its focus on pictures and the telling of stories, allows your customers and prospects to connect and engage with you professionally and personally in ways not possible on other social media platforms. In this episode, Jasmine and I focuses on Instagram Stories, why it is so great, why you should use it, and how to use it effectively in building your brand. We talk about how to actually create an effective Instagram Story, and Jasmine provides us with the best practices that we can implement in our network marketing business. And be ready!  Because as have an action plan for you at the end of this episode to help you implement Instagram Stories into your own social media plan for growing your business! 

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