102: Public Service Announcement

I have a Public Service Announcement for the entire network marketing industry: STOP the copy and paste prospecting method!  It is KILLING our industry! Spamming prospects with copy/paste, yucky language is not only killing our industry, it is also killing your own teambuilding results as well! It is essential that each of us knows the correct way to message our prospects.  Unfortunately, most network marketers, because of using the spammy and unwelcome copy/paste method of reaching out to people, our industry is tainting people’s perception of us as individuals and the entire network marketing industry.  Personally speaking, I myself have received the spammiest message! And this is not to put anybody down, some uplines teach their team to do it this way, but this is a call to all network marketers – STOP the copy and paste prospecting method immediately! So, listen up as I share the 10 spammiest messages I got and the solutions to each of them for you to create a more effective prospecting message.   Episode Quotes "The copy and paste prospecting method taints people's perception about network marketing. It's killing the industry." "Never send a link to anything in your first reach out message." "People don't look down on network marketing, they look down on network marketers." "Do not ask people to join you before even knowing them." "It is not about you. It is about your prospect."   Listen to Learn 00:01   Episode Intro, Public service announcement 05:06   STOP the copy and paste prospecting method, 10 spammiest message that I got 11:47   Message #1 - Sending links in your initial message and hyping up opportunities 15:06   Message #2 - Going for the kill in your first message 17:03   Message #3 - Copy and paste call to action 19:39   Message #4 - Asking people to join you before knowing them       21:41   Message #5 - The initiation 22:10   Message #6 a #7 - The Illuminati message 25:19   Message #8 - It is not about you 26:35   Message #9 - Inauthencity 27:19   Message #10 - You can't make this stuff up 32:44   Share this message and be a winner 35:02   Update about the landing page (yourvirtualupline.com/psa) Do you want to know the right way to prospect on social media?  Visit yourvirtualupline.com/psa and get my social media script guide!

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