99: How to Recruit 'Business Builders' into Your Network Marketing Team

Do either of these situations sound familiar? You can get customers easily, but you just can’t seem to sign any business partners and actually build a team. Or, you can recruit, but no one on your team ever sees any level of success.  If you’ve said a resounding “Yes, that’s me!” to either of the above, then I’m here to tell you your problem – you’re talking WAY too much! You know everything about the product and the compensation plan!  And you’re more than happy to share all of those details! You are stuck in the trap that a lot of network marketers get into – you’ve made yourself the expert. And your prospects or team members CANNOT or DO NOT WANT to duplicate what you’re doing.  They do not see themselves as ever ‘being the expert’ like you are.    When Prospecting, the Less that You Say, the More You Make I want you to understand this: the ‘training process’ for your new recruits starts the moment you open your mouth to them. And the question that’s stuck in their mind is, “Can I do this?” So as the leader, in order to demonstrate the SIMPLICITY of your business and able to duplicate it in your team, you must start TALKING LESS. Once your prospects or team members see that they are simply sharing information in the form of third party tools (videos, recorded calls, etc), they are more likely to move forward because they see that they do not have to be ‘the expert’ like you! Being ‘The Expert’ actually is killing your chance of building a successful and energetic team!  If you would like more strategies and tips like the above on how to begin recruiting and team-building like a pro, join me in my “Revive Your Downline” Recruiting Challenge that begins on February 11th by clicking this link:  www.BobHeilig.com/recruiting-challenge   Episode Quotes "The training process for your new people starts the moment you open your mouth to them." "People don't do what you say, they do what they see you do." "When prospecting, the less that you say, the more you make."   Listen to Learn 00:02   Episode Intro 02:02   The biggest mistake that kills your chances of building a team 05:16   Why your customers don't want to share your product? 08:05   The two steps approach in recruiting and building a team 11:10   Third party tools when sharing your products 13:07   "Don't be the expert", The "expert" trap  16:12   My action plan for you 17:51   How to register for the Recruiting Challenge   Register for the challenge at BobHeilig.com/recruiting-challenge

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