98: How Tony Robbins Changed my Life

I recently attended Tony Robbins’s live event, “Date with Destiny.” If you’re not familiar with Tony Robbins, he is one of the premier motivational and training coaches, and I’ve wanted to go to one of his live events for a long time! This specific event, “Date with Destiny,” is 7 days of nonstop life-changing training and workshops. It was the most life transforming experience, and today I want to share with you my biggest takeaways and huge aha moments!If you want to feel fulfilled in your life, you must learn to grow and give beyond yourself. One of the things that Tony really digs into is what drives you to do the work you do. Prior to the event I really thought that my top 2 driving forces were significance and certainty. But oh boy, I was wrong! When Tony shared with the attendees The 6 Human Drives/Need, it truly shifted my mindset. The problem with significance being one of your internal drivers is that it causes us to constantly see external validation. We seek attention and also want to feel that we are worthy of that attention. However, the reality is, not everybody is going to like what we do in our life and business. There will always be critics and negative comments. Because you will never please everybody, significance is a game that you can’t ever win. It can never 100% be truly attained. My second driver used to be ‘certainty.” We have this need to always have things figured out. To feel secure and that we can and do have everything under control. But I want to tell you this, certainty does not exist. Nothing in life is certain. We need to step into the realm of faith because uncertainty is the true pathway to opportunity. Uncertainty is where we will experience new things which helps produce new and better results. What I realized is this, true fulfillment in my work is learning to grow and step towards love and contribution. So from here on out, I refuse to work from the need for significance and certainty. Instead, moving forward, I will from a place of love and contribution. I believe life is calling me for more. And I believe life is calling you for more, too! Make sure you tune into my new Live Show every Monday - Friday at 12:00 EST on both my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/YourVirtualUpline) and on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/bob_heilig)!

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