97: The #1 Way to Increase Engagement in Your Facebook Group

Let’s talk about Facebook groups. And exactly why you’re not seeing the engagement you would like inside your team, customer, and prospect Facebook groups! What I am going to share with you is what I believe the #1 way to increase engagement inside of your groups! Why There isn’t much engagement in your Facebook group? Here’s what I’ve noticed: 98% of the current strategies used by people to hopefully grow their network marketing businesses via Facebook groups is completely ineffective. Here’s the truth - Most Facebook groups I see solely exist for the purpose of selling and promoting products, services, or business opportunities. However, if your group exists only for this reason, the people in your community will immediately raise resistance. Most will not only be inactive inside the groups, but honestly, they probably don’t want to even be in the group in the first place! While people LOVE to buy. They do NOT like to be sold to. So, I want you to ask yourself: Why does your group exist? What are the problems you want to solve for people? Instead of only posting product promotions and company events, I want you to really think about what you could post that would truly help people – posts that would add value to people’s lives, help them transform their life, and maybe even entertain them a bit along the way. People do want to be a part of something bigger! And it is so easier to get them excited about being part of a movement that will change their life vs a Facebook group used to promote a product! By doing this, you are giving them a reason to show up every day, to be excited to consume the content, and to also engage with your posts by liking, sharing, and commenting! To learn even more practical strategies and actionable tips that you help you grow your Facebook group engagement, make sure and listen to the complete podcast! I truly believe as you apply these tips and strategies, you will see the exact results that you’ve been looking for!

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