92: Is Attraction Marketing Killing Your Business?

Attraction Marketing Might be Hurting Your Business There’s a theme that I’ve been noticing a lot lately inside the network marketing industry. A lot of network marketers do not understand the correct role of attraction marketing within their businesses. So many people make the mistake of thinking that attraction marketing is actually working their business, when in fact, they’re not! Attraction marketing is a ‘marketing activity’ – hence it’s name, and marketing does not qualify as actually working your business. Working your business is the actual prospecting activities that create income and build a team.  It means actively doing your reachouts, follows ups, training new team members, enrolling customers, and exposing new people to your business and products. Marketing activities create opportunities for you to work your business. It is lead generation.  It is the process of getting your name out there, creating your personal brand, and attracting people to you, sometimes before they even know anything about your company or products.   And the crazy part is some people are spending more time on attraction marketing to avoid facing their fears and doing the actual hard work! Because they are scared of the rejection and vulnerability that can come from reaching out to people, they hide behind the guise of attraction marketing, pretending instead that they are ‘working their business’ while reading books and creating graphics for their next post. And then they wonder why their team isn’t growing at all.   Marketing + Prospecting = Results Marketing alone is not enough. Lead generation is not enough. You need to reach out, connect, and start a conversation with your leads. While you must do both marketing activities and prospecting activities s to build a successful team long term, it is absolutely necessary that 70-80% of your time is spent on prospecting activities. In the end, attraction marketing will expose new people to you and your business opportunity, but unless you’re doing the prospecting activities as well – the reachouts, follow-ups, and new customer enrollments – you will not build the lifestyle of freedom that you crave!   Episode Quotes "Attraction marketing for a lot of you is actually hurting your business more than it is helping your business." "Marketing does not qualify as actually working your business." "Marketing is designed to create opportunities for you to work your business." "Marketing is passive... prospecting is active." "If you are only doing marketing but you are not prospecting it's not going to work."   Listen to Learn 00:04 Episode Intro - Is Attraction Marketing Killing Your Business? 02:13 Announcement: Enrollment to the Legacy Leadership Academy 05:10 The difference between Marketing and Prospecting 08:45 My student's mistake about marketing 10:14 An analogy about marketing and prospecting 12:26 What percentage of your time should you be spending on marketing and prospecting? 15:07 My advice for you about Attraction Marketing 17:48 Your assignment: Do a time audit 18:40 End notes

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