87: Defeating Your Fears

Fear Disappears When You Focus on Serving Others Do you have what I like to call “success mindset?” “Success mindset” is when all you can think about is what YOU can get from the business. Oftentimes leaders have this “success mindset.”  And unfortunately, ‘success mindset’ doesn’t just build ego…it also builds fear. Leaders with this mindset don’t try new things because they are afraid of failure. But this is exactly how you should NOT operate!  If you want to defeat fear, focus on serving others. Shift to building a legacy of leadership.  Shift to impacting the world by transforming the lives of other people.   Whatever Fear You Have Right Now, That is What You Are Meant to Do Join me in this episode, as I share with you a story about my own early days in network marketing.  Let’s just say, I was a disaster.   I was scared of so many things! But everything changed and that fear disappeared when I became crystal clear about my own purpose - that I am here to help people be successful.  I am here to transform lives…and you are too.   Episode Quotes "When your business is focused on serving others, the power of fear over you begins to disappear." "Stop focusing on yourself and begin focusing on others." "Our greatest fears often times are simply a reflection of the greatest gifts inside of us." "Fear is a call from the universe to guide you to your true purpose."   Listen to Learn 00:03   Episode Intro 00:19   The antidote to any fear in your business 02:02   My story of defeating fear, my early days in network marketing business 07:00   Your fears are reflections of the greatest gifts inside of you

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