85: Stay in Your Own Lane

Comparing yourself with others kills your authenticity   Have you ever found yourself comparing what you’re doing in your business to the people around you, and falling into the negative space of ‘comparitis’?  I know that I’ve been guilty of that in my own business.  What I’ve noticed is that the more I look at what other people are doing, it starts to create negative thoughts and energy in my own mind. I always look at what others are doing, and wonder if what I’m doing is good enough.  What I’ve found over time, is this actually begins to kill your own authenticity.     It’s time to create some space for you to be yourself   I once heard on a podcast called ‘Making Oprah’, where Oprah was asked how she maintained her own authenticity, with all the competition that was popping up on daytime TV.  I thought her answer was so profound.  She simply said that they had this policy called “Stay in Your Own Lane”.  She said that she never once ever watched a single episode of her competitors.  That answer literally floored me… and it empowered me to make a decision that has had a profound effect on my life.  I stopped paying attention to what everyone else around me was doing, and started to create pace for me to be who I really am, and create authentic content on social media.   So join me in this episode as I share to you some action plans on how to do that, how I got inspiration from other people outside my space, and finally, how to be confident and be yourself.   Episode Quotes   "Anytime I started taking my eye off the ball in my own court and looking what other people were doing... it created a lot of negative energy in my head" "Stay in your own lane... I never in my life watched a single episode of one of our competitors" - Oprah "The best compliment I can ever get from someone is this - 'You are not like anyone else that does this'" "Start creating some space for you to be yourself because you are good enough"   Listen to Learn 00:20 Episode intro 01:20 What I've been up to in the last three weeks 03:39 The negative impact of comparing yourself with other people on social media 06:40 My podcast experience - how Oprah's answer about authenticity impacted me 09:23 Why I “unfollowed” others on Facebook 10:49 The powerful effect of being authentic and being yourself

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