82: 5 Steps to Building Your Home Business Empire

Today's episode is a special interview with John Melton. I am very thrilled to have John on the show today because I know he will be sharing a lot of valuable insights about social media marketing.   Truth be told, there are a lot of social media marketers struggling in their business. There a a couple problems they have in common.  One would be that they do not create enough generic value to attract people.  Another would be that they’re just thinking about themselves and what they can get from the business. So, in this episode, John will be sharing the 5 Steps to Building Your Home Business Empire.   Prospecting and Attracting Leads   Your goal is to set up your online presence, so you need to create one piece of valuable content every day. In order to create a following, you need to post something that creates curiosity. Share something inspirational, or contents that you have read in a book. You can also set your brand. What do you want people to know for?   Connecting with Leads   Once you have those leads, you must connect with them. Build relationships with those people who like, comment or engage with your posts. But the key thing is, don’t be pushy. You want to be human first, marketer second; build that social equity with your contacts.   Inviting People to Look at Your Product/Business   After building rapport with your leads, you can then make an offer. But again, don’t be pushy. You are there to give them information that will help them with their problems. Share your testimony on how the business or product changed your life. Face your fear of making an offer, just be bold in sharing what’s going on.    Follow Up and Close   Following up is another essential key in building your home business empire. An effective way of doing this is creating a group chat for those people that are open and want to stay in touch. Have a group chat for those that are interested in your business/product because your prospects need to also meet other people within your circle.   Teaching Them How to Master the 4 Steps   The end goal is to be able to teach these steps to the new clients. Again, it’s all about legacy leadership; helping people changed their lives and reaching their full potentials.

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